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Reloading Scales

The Original OHAUS Reloading Scales are Back!
The original OHAUS Reloading Scales have been the standard in bullet and shot reloading for decades. Used by hunters, competitive sport shooters and archers since the 1960s, these scales are the standard for weighing charges to reload shells, checking ammunition & arrowheads, or designing custom loads. These balances offer the sensitivity of a beam balance, while incorporating our magnetic damping system to speed reloading.
Reloading Scales Features
Equipped with cast metal beams designed with widespaced deep notches to prevent accidental poise movement. Self-aligning agate bearings with steel beam pivots guarantee sensitivity to 0.1 grain.
Removable pan with handle and spout. Pan supports cradle the pan so that it doesn't tip off when weighing cases, loaded cartridges, arrows etc. Ounce to grain conversion labels for quick reference.
Die-cast bases with large leveling feet for extra stability and durable stainless steel poises. Mechanical design allows for use on the bench or at the practice range -battery or AC power not needed.
Reloading Scales Models
Maximum Capacity
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Pan Size
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Pan Type
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Maximum Capacity
511 gr
0.1 gr
Reloading Scales Product Details
Weighing Charges to Reload Shells, Checking Ammunition and Arrowheads, Designing Custom Loads
Easy to-read deep-notched main beams with large markings for easy reading and multiple poises
No power required
Die-cast base, metal pan support, removable pan, cast metal beams, stainless steel poises, painted metal main poise, hardened steel beam pivots, single leveling foot
Design Features
Mechanical design, magnetic damping system to speed reloading, self-aligning agate bearings, ounce-to-grain conversion label for quick reference, Approach-toWeight feature, large zero indicator